I have never been one to let an about me section define who I truly am as a person.

I believe I represent so much more, Yet if one were to describe me in a few words,

I think they would say I'm passionate. I am a very passionate individual who appreciates the finer things in life, standing 5'7" I've been told when I look at you they are with piercing brown eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so I make it a habit to maintain eye contact with every potential client I come across. I'd like them to know they will have my undivided attention.

My conversational decorum is witty at best, and I confess I am a sucker for white wine and TV Dramas. In addition to my guilty pleasures, I've always had a fascination with what exactly makes the female sex, tick. It started years ago, the questions were always there. What is it about the arch of the back, the curve of the hips that makes a women so graceful? No mater the depiction, tall or short, slim or not so thin, white, black, brunette, curly or natural; I've always had this unconditional adoration and respect towards women. I love women, in all shapes races and forms

In my off time I enjoy reading and playing sports. I consider myself your leading companion candidate.

About Me

I'll be your friend

 Male Companion For Women