2 hour appointment: $300
3 hour appointment: $425
4 hour appointment: $550
6 hours: $750
Overnight: $1,100
24 Hours: $1,600
Weekend Trip: $3,000
Entire Week: $6,000

Imagine being waited on hand and foot by a professional escort who knows exactly what your body yearns for, you will regret absolutely nothing. Spending three passionate and unforgettable evenings with Kevin.

If meeting outside of Los Angeles, Ca. area all travel expenses are to be covered well in advance.

If this is your first time contacting a male companion then, have no fear.

I understand that meeting someone for the first time, relatively a stranger, can leave one feeling anxious and a little apprehensive inside. But remember, life is all about new adventures and bold experiences. Your vicarious nature led you this far and this feeling of naughtiness mixed with curiosity and excitement should continue. This is why the emails prior to our engagement are so critical. It gives us plenty of time to get to know one another on a personal level. That when we do finally meet, It'll be as if former acquaintances were reigniting an old flame.

I'll be your friend

 Male Companion For Women